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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



First of all,while playing threw this game I was simply astonished by the artwork and surroundings.Now for the review I would like to say for an arcade game that this was amazing and I could see a sequel in progress. You first start out as a boy who wakes up in a destroyed world. You then gain access to weapons for defending yourself from evil monsters. The main plot is to find pieces of core to use at the Bastion which is a safe haven. Once you collect cores you unlock more things and rebuild the Bastion. All the while you have a smooth narrator to talk you through it.

Heres the breakdown.

Graphics = 4.5/5
Although they aren't the most stunning real life thing you have ever seen they prove to be worthy of more then just average artwork. Everything is painted and has a unique flow to it.

Gameplay = 4/5
It sometimes becomes tedious trying to avoid falling off the edge but once you get a feel for the game you start to understand the controls. It has over 40 levels and new weapons to upgrade. You also can level up and increase special abilitys. The replay value is also a great deal. After beating the game once you unlock special levels.

Price = Its just a measly $15 to play a game with at least 20+ hours into it and is definitely worth the buy.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Age of the video games!


        Age of the video games is a blog focused on this generations video games. So much has changed over the past century that I thought it was worthy of making a blog. Video games are getting better and better each year; improving graphics, game play, user interface, and sound. Back when video games came out we didn't even have controllers, we had joysticks. Remember the days of pong? I do. Remember the dinosaur of computers that were slower then a snail? I do. Now that everything has evolved I really think its important to continue the documentation of video games and to give people updates and news about what they like the most.