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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Age of the video games!


        Age of the video games is a blog focused on this generations video games. So much has changed over the past century that I thought it was worthy of making a blog. Video games are getting better and better each year; improving graphics, game play, user interface, and sound. Back when video games came out we didn't even have controllers, we had joysticks. Remember the days of pong? I do. Remember the dinosaur of computers that were slower then a snail? I do. Now that everything has evolved I really think its important to continue the documentation of video games and to give people updates and news about what they like the most.
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  1. Great Blog :) I very like video games:)

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  2. Dude, video games are getting better aesthetically but not enjoyment wise.
    If you look at the Call of Duty series, the only thing which improved over time would be graphics and some guns. There are quite a few other games which only improved the graffixs but no considerable game play improvements.

    Back to the Call of Duty saga, you can't shit on any game worse than you could for Black Ops. Lag, glitchy, a slight bit different than Modern Warfare 2.

    Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to your posts. I'd like to see where you take this.

  3. @Majin_Curse Call Of Duty is a horrible game. In only a few years there will be barely any replay value as most time goes into the multiplayer. But regardless there are still kids playing the game enjoying it.

  4. Blog about video games, nice! look forward to seeing your posts. + followed

  5. Good post, I like your blog.
    Video games are getting more advanced over the years.

  6. Excited to see what's to come. Gr8 background choice also. :D